Hyakuten Inamoto


Hyakuten Inamoto, the founder of Komyo Reiki Kai, has been inititated into Reiki by Chiyoko Yamaguchi together with her son Tadao Yamaguchi. Chiyoko Yamaguchi received her training from Chujiro Hayashi who was one of the Mikao Usui’s original students.

Hyakuten Inamoto is an independent, non-sectarian monk officially belonging to the Pure Land branch of Japanese Buddhism. He is the founder of the Kyoto Healing Centre where he holds japanese and international Reiki classes.

Hyakuten Inamoto-Sensei is devoted to preserving the Usui-Sensei Reiki teachings and the simplicity of the original Reiki practice. He is emphasizing the importance of both Reiki Ryoho as a healing art and Reiki as a path to spiritual enlightenment.

Translated Komyo Reiki Kai means Enlightenment Through Spiritual Energy Method.

Komyo Reiki Kai Purpose

  • To promote a wider spread of Reiki hands-on healing art with an easier availability to everyone
  • To improve the mind and body, and maintain optimal health by means of Reiki Ryoho practice
  • To live a healthy and peaceful daily life
  • To strive on, through Reiki practice, to cultivate and uplift humanity and spirituality so as to attain the ultimate objective of Reiki Ryoho, i.e., "the absolute Inner Peace" or "Anshin Ritsumei" in the terms of Usui Sensei

Four Levels of Training

  • First Degree (Shoden)
  • Second Degree (Chuden)
  • Master Level (Okuden)
  • Master / Teacher (Shinpiden)

The three ways to raise the Reiki energy level

  • To keep striving to cultivate your mind (spirituality)
  • To receive Reju (attunement) as often as possible
  • Do a daily Gassho meditation before bed and after rising for about 15-30 minutes